Are There Any Dangers to Attempting DIY Furnace Repair?

We've Got You Covered Furnace Repair Professional vs DIY

If your furnace breaks down, it might be tempting to try to fix the appliance yourself, especially if you are an experienced DIYer. However, DIY repairs are something that experts strongly advise against – here are some of the dangers entailed:

  • Carbon monoxide leaks – furnace produce carbon monoxide as a side effect of the burning process. The gas is highly toxic, but it is odorless, therefore furnaces use sensors and alarms to signal any leak. One of the most common mistakes made by DIYers is to neglect the CO sensor, exposing the entire household to serious dangers – a mistake that no good furnace repair technician will ever make;
  • Explosions – failing to handle the gas supply system of the furnace correctly can lead to fires and explosions;
  • Damage to the furnace – amateur repair might seem like a good way to save on repair costs, but the repair interventions performed by inexperienced and unqualified DIYers can cause more harm than good. An unsuccessful attempt to repair a minor fault might damage other important components, which will eventually make it necessary to call a Centennial furnace repair near me for a qualified technician for a fault that has become way more serious and way more complicated than the initial issue.