Aurora Tips: Handling a Malfunctioning HVAC During the Winter

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A malfunctioning HVAC system is a nuisance anytime of the year, but being faced with a malfunction of the heating system in winter can even be harmful for your health. If bad luck strikes and your heating system does stop working when the temperatures outside are freezing, here are some tips about how to handle the issue:

  • Get it repaired – when it comes to repairing systems of heating and air conditioning, Aurora’s residents have access to emergency services from experienced technicians. However, when it is really cold outside and heating systems work harder all over town, repair technicians are also faced with a higher number of repair requests. As such, you might have to be patient to get that repair visit.
  • Switch to an alternative heating appliance – if your principal furnace breaks down, you might still have an electric heater, or you might have a functional fireplace that you can also use until your principal source of heating is repaired.
  • Try safe and simple remedies – while amateur heating system repair is something that you should never attempt, you can try some simple things, such as checking the filters to see whether the fault is caused by a blocked component. The better option is to look for HVAC near me to get the job done promptly and according to code.
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