Can A Dirty Outdoor AC Unit Affect My Home’s Air Conditioning System?

outdoor ac unit dirty needs repair

Air conditioning systems usually consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, with the outdoor unit accommodating some of the most important parts of the entire equipment, such as the condenser coils – the pieces through which the refrigerant that carries the heat absorbed inside the home passes and that participates in the cooling of the refrigerant before it is moved back indoor. The location of outdoor unit allows for the accumulation of dirt and debris, a process that might diminish the entire system’s performance and that can also lead to costly breakdowns. Here is how a dirty outdoor AC unit can affect your equipment:

  • Improper cooling – when dirt builds up on the coils, the heat cannot be transferred outdoors as it should, leaving the building interior warmer even with the AC running at the top of its capacity;
  • Hiking energy bills – your AC unit will try to compensate for the inefficient cooling by working harder, which will lead to higher energy consumption and higher energy bills;
  • Costly breakdowns – anything that inhibits efficient cooling can cause the breakdown of other major components in your air conditioning system, one of the most common causes for complete failure being the dirt on the condenser coils. For all your AC unit repairs and replacements call on