Does It Make Sense to Have an HVAC Company Check My Furnace When Getting My AC Repaired?

Make Sense HVAC AC Furnace Repair Same Time

In most homes, the furnace and the air conditioners are integral parts of the home’s HVAC system – while you can certainly have a system composed of just one part, either a furnace or an AC unit, or you can use two separate systems, such as a furnace and a separate, mobile air conditioning unit, the most common home setting is still composed of both parts.

The types of companies to turn to for the repair of your AC as well as for the service of your furnace are HVAC repair and installation companies such as Hytek Air Systems. As most home systems integrate both the furnace and the AC, the two components are usually installed at the same time. This also means that the two components are of the same age and as the two require maintenance visits with the same intevals, it just makes sense to have the HVAC company check them both whenever they come to maintain one of them. However, given that AC units have a part located outside, it is a good idea to include additional cleaning sessions for the component during the summer to prevent any diminishment in performance or system breakdown. Similarly, it is a good idea to have an additional cleaning session for your furnace as well, preferably in fall, before you turn on the heating system first.

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