How Can You Know If You Need Furnace Repair Before Winter?

furnace repair cold weather preparation

Having a furnace defect in winter is more than just a nuisance – being left without heating in the middle of winter can be downright dangerous. The best way to avoid such a breakdown is to arrange for any Aurora furnace repair before the cold weather settles – here is how to know that you need furnace repair:

  • Schedule a professional checkup – most furnace installation and repair companies provide professional inspections for affordable rates or for free. The technician will check every component of your furnace and use professional testing devices to make sure that even the smallest fault is captured in time;
  • Signs of furnace faults – you can also test the furnace with amateur methods. Turn on the equipment on a colder day and pay attention to the heat delivered and to the sounds made by the appliance – if the thermostat is turned on high, but the air in the room is still chilly or if you hear strange, banging noises coming from the furnace, it is a good idea to call a service technician. If winter has already settled in and you notice that your energy bills are unusually high, even though you haven’t implemented any new device or appliance in your home, it can also be a sign that your furnace consumes more energy because of a fault.