How Does an Air Conditioner Cool a Home?

Did You Know Ins Outs Of Air Conditioner Systems

Air conditioners come in a wide variety of sizes and models, but they all operate by the same principles and use the same types of components to deliver cool air to reduce the temperature in interior spaces:

  • The major components of AC units – air conditioners use some type of cooling agent called a refrigerant that is circulated in a system of ducts of pipes and they also include three major mechanical components: a compressor, a condenser coil and an evaporator coil connected with ducts;
  • The operating principle – air conditioners remove heat and humidity from interior air, then they transfer that heat and humidity outdoors and introduce cooler air into the enclosed space. The cooled evaporator coil draws in the heat from the air in the room through vents, then the air is cooled and is blown into ducts and distributed to the spaces served by the air conditioner. The heat drawn in is absorbed by the refrigerant and it turns the refrigerant from liquid to gas, then the compressor decreases the volume of the gas, while also raising its temperature and pressure. The heated, compressed gas is sent outside, where the heat is evaporated and the refrigerant turns from gas state to liquid again and the liquid returns indoors to resume to cycle. Seasonally it is recommended to have air conditioner repair in Aurora conducted to keep your AC running properly and efficiently.

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