How Does an HVAC Company Technician Check for Leaks in My Home Air Conditioning?

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Refrigerant leaks are among the most common problems encountered with home air conditioning systems. There can be many things that lead to your system leaking cooling liquid and the correct, accurate diagnosis usually requires a HVAC technician as well as specialized tools and devices. Here is what your HVAC Littleton technician will do to detect the leaks in your home air conditioning:

  • Tests with electronic devices – HVAC technicians usually come with an electronic leak detector to find any signs of refrigerant outside the system components that circulate the liquid. The testing process with the device is usually, bit not always reliable, as the device will have to touch the leak to detect it;
  • Dye testing – this process involves the adding of a special dye into the unit. The air conditioner is then operated to circulate the dye, then an ultraviolet light will be used to find the spots of colored liquid outside the system;
  • Testing with nitrogen – this method uses nitrogen instead of a dye, but the principle is roughly the same: the refrigerant in the system will be replaced with nitrogen, then the system is operated and the nitrogen will make a sound where it leaves the system through the unwanted puncture, crack or hole.

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