Littleton Air Conditioning Tips for Saving Power

Tips AC Repair Professional Littleton Air Conditioning

In order to reduce energy consumption when using your air conditioner, you should opt for an energy-efficient model in the first place. Therefore, when buying such an appliance, choose one with inverter and high energy efficiency (preferably A+++), because, although it will be more expensive, you will soon realize that it is much more economical than older models, with lower energy efficiency. You can save up to 40% in energy consumption, if you choose a modern air conditioner.

Power: You must always choose the power of your air conditioner according to the size of the space you want to cool. You should not install units with higher or lower power than necessary.

Installation: An inappropriate location for the indoor and outdoor units can lead to increased energy consumption. Always rely on a team of AC repair Littleton professionals who know how to install your appliance properly.

Temperature: A common mistake that greatly increases the energy consumption of an air conditioner is setting a temperature that is too high in winter and too low in summer. The ideal temperature in the house, in summer, is between 24 and 27° C, while in winter, it is between 20 and 23° C. For each degree that you decrease or increase, you will consume up to 8% more energy.

Insulation: Poor insulation of the house or office can cause a significant reduction in the performance of the air conditioner.