Useful Tips from Centennial Furnace Repair Specialists

Ask The Experts Centennial Furnace Repair

The Centennial furnace repair experts typically recommend leaving difficult repairs them each time. However, before you call for a repair technician, it’s important to check some of the more basic malfunctions and problems that could be responsible for your furnace not running properly. If a simple fix can get the problem solved, you will not necessarily have to call anyone – although in some cases it would be a good idea to call in an expert for a furnace inspection, just to make sure everything is in good order and to get through some quick preventive maintenance tasks.

One of the things you can check is if the thermostat is set properly. If the temperature is set too low, then the furnace might never turn on at all. Depending on what type of thermostat you have, it might have some complex features and controls, so be sure to refer to your owner’s manual on how to adjust it properly, if you don’t know how to do it.

The next thing to check is the shutoff switches and circuit breakers. If one of these was set off by a voltage spike then your unit isn’t going to get any electricity, so the system has to be reset in order for it to work again.

You can also check on the furnace filter, make sure the gas is on and check to see if the chimney flue isn’t clogged. These tasks have varying degrees of risk and difficulty attached to them, so if you don’t feel tech-savvy enough to pull them off, simply call on your local experts and they’ll take care of it all for you.