What Does an HVAC Technician Typically Check When Looking at A Home AC Unit?

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While a broken or malfunctioning home AC might not seem like a big problem when the weather is mild, the issue becomes an emergency when the temperatures start rising. The best way to avoid the stress and the costs involved with emergency AC repair is to hire a HVAC near me technician to check the AC and to schedule any necessary repairs. Here is what to expect during the thorough verification:

  • Checking electrical parts – the technician will measure the voltage in the circuits of the unit as well as in the individual components;
  • Checking and calibrating the thermostat;
  • Checking the safety controls;
  • Inspecting and testing all the major components of the appliance;
  • Checking refrigerant pressure and topping up the coolant if necessary;
  • Checking, cleaning and replacing the filters in the entire system;
  • Check the system for any blockages and leaks with the help of various devices and methods;
  • Cleaning the entire system, including the components located indoors and outdoors;
  • Making repair recommendations – if any of your AC parts need repair, your technician will explain the fault and the possible repair actions and will schedule the repair intervention for you. Your technician will also take care of ordering the replacement parts for you if necessary.
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