What To Do When Your Home Air Conditioner Doesn’t Cool Your House

home is too hot ac repair need

There can be many reasons why your air conditioner might not be able to efficiently cool your home – here are the most common faults and some AC repair Littleton tips about how to remedy them:

  • An incorrect thermostat setting – simply setting the thermostat to On will not start the cooling process. You need to set the temperature, too, ideally to about 5-6°C below the actual temperature in your room. If the setting is the problem, your AC will start cooling a few minutes after the correct value is set;
  • A dirty condenser – the condenser unit is usually located outdoors, which means that it is exposed to dust, dirt and the elements – if the unit becomes clogged or dirty, it cannot work efficiently. Fortunately, the issue is easy to remedy, you just need to clean the condenser;
  • Clogged or dirty filters – AC units use multiple filters to ensure the health of its components and the quality of the air in the rooms served. If your AC does not cool, check the filters and clean or replace them, depending on the type;
  • A fault of a major component – if no cleaning and setting seems to help, the problem might be caused by a refrigerant leak or by a fault of a major component, such as the motor, the compressor or the ductwork. These issues can only be diagnosed and fixed by an air conditioner repair technician.

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