Is Installing Air Conditioning in My Home Expensive?

Air conditioner cooling installation cost

The total cost of getting an air conditioner in your home is composed of the price of the unit and the labor costs charged by the AC installation company that you hire. Here are some factors that influence the size of the two cost categories:

  • The type and size of your unit – air conditioners come in many types and sizes, from small, portable units that can be placed anywhere in the house where there is a window for the hose to units fixed on the wall that range from small appliances that serve only one room to large, complex, central systems that cool the entire house. To determine the type of unit that works best in your home, you need to look at the square footage that needs to be cooled – the price of a unit that can heat 600-100 home square feet starts at around $1,200;
  • Installation costs – the installation of even the smallest fixed unit is a complex process that usually requires wall breaking and drilling and the mounting of complex hardware, therefore the price of installation often exceeds the price of the AC unit, sometimes amounting to several times the appliance price. The labor costs you will be charged also depend on the company you choose and the geographical region in which the installation is needed. You will also need to consider the cost of air conditioner repair to maintain the unit.